Monday, December 6, 2010

Calls From Home

Dear Green Dove Readers,

May this note find you with peace in your hearts and homes. Those behind bars hope you will take a few minutes and respond to this holiday call.

Also, remember those in your own communities! In Bloomington, Indiana, you might contact the Unitarian Universalist Friends of Prisoners Task Force to see how you might help out -

Join the 11th annual CALLS FROM HOME holiday radio broadcast for prisoners and their families!

Listen To Calls A National Radio Show For Prisoners And Their Families

Join the 11th annual CALLS FROM HOME holiday radio broadcast for prisoners and their families.

The United States has 2.4 million people behind bars. Thousand Kites wants you to lend your voice to a powerful grassroots radio broadcast that reaches into our nation's prison and tells those inside they are not forgotten.

We are asking you to call our toll-free line 877-410-4863 and speak directly to those behind bars this holiday season. An answering machine will record your message. Read a poem, sing a song, or just speak directly from you heart. Speak to someone you know or to everyone--make it uplifting.

It as simple as calling 877-410-4863 and speaking into your phone.

We are making a special call to poets to support our project this year. Poets click here.

CALLS FROM HOME will broadcast on over 200 radio stations across the country and will be available for download on our website December 21st.

Call anytime (now through December 20) at 877-410-4863 and record your message. Listen to calls here.

Learn how you can help blog, distribute, broadcast, or support this project. We want you to use the show as an education tool in your community. Sign-up to recieve a free kit here and radio stations can visit here to learn how to carry the program. Spread the word in your community with our poster.

CALLS FROM HOME is a project of Thousand Kites and a national network of grassroots organizations working for criminal justice transformation.

So call right now at 877-410-4863.

Thousand Kites Team
Prison Photo and Letters
check them out on facebook

For more information contact: - - 91 Madison Ave. - Whitesburg, KY 41858

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stop Cell Phone Cells Calls Before they Begin!

May this information be of use. Pass the word.

REMEMBER: Cell Phone Numbers Go Public this month.
REMINDER.... all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.
It is the National DO NOT CALL list It will only take a minute of your time..
It blocks your number for five (5) years. You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

HELP OTHERS BY PASSING THIS ON .. It takes about 20 seconds.

Blessings of health and wellness,


Remember, there is no such thing as certainty! Be present, be loving,
be real and remember to share, because after all, this now is the only
now that we have any assurance of experiencing!

"When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the
rest of the world." - John Muir

Listen within your heart to hear your personal song.
It is truly beautiful!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Save Health Care for Veterans!

Greetings to You,

May you be well in these times of great changes.

Please take time to read and I hope act on behalf of America's Veterans!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and resources for health and wellness are being considered for cuts, including funds necessary to support the health and recovery of our military veterans and families. 59% of the current budget is slated to support fear and the belief that somehow, if enough money is thrown at fear instead of at what we say we love, that we will somehow come out on top. To all of our service people, I am sorry for the waste of your precious well being.

America's military men and women were willing to sacrifice their lives to serve their country. They should not have to worry about their families' health care. But that's exactly what's happening because of Congressional dithering.

Protect access to care for veterans and military families.

Their health care program, TriCare, is connected to Medicare. And planned cuts to Medicare physician reimbursement will make it difficult for veterans to find the necessary care they require.

Some doctors have said the cuts will force them to decrease or stop seeing new Medicare and TriCare patients. Which means older people and military families may be forced to go to emergency rooms instead of doctor offices for basic care.

Congress has put off fixing Medicare and TriCare nine times -- tell Congress to stop stalling and fix Medicare and Tricare for seniors and military families. »

America's veterans deserve more.

Thanks for taking action!

You can find this and other action alerts on the Petition Site

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Urgent! Incinerators comment, other news.

May our hearts be big enough to hold our memories.

– Help us flood EPA with our voices – the industry is pulling out all stops and we need to be heard, too!
US EPA is trying to do the right thing to protect our health and the planet by making new Clean Air Act rules that regulate greenhouse gases from industry smokestacks such as those of biomass and garbage incinerators. As usual, the biomass and garbage incinerator industry is fighting the rules, saying they should be exempt because their CO2 emissions are “carbon neutral.” We know that’s a lie!
EPA is seeking input from us – the anti-biomass, environmental justice, forest protection, public health, and anti-incinerator community - on whether greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2) from these incinerators should be subject to the new rule! OF COURSE THEY SHOULD BE – no exceptions!

Here’s the EPA link to the Call for Information:

The EPA rule is called the “Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule” because EPA is setting a threshold (emissions of 25,000 tons per year of greenhouse gases) at which an industry becomes subject to the rule. The typical 50 megawatt biomass incinerator emits about 500,000 tons per year of CO2, so they fall over the threshold and should be subject to the law. Industry says because their CO2 emissions are “biogenic” and part of the “carbon cycle” they don’t cause climate change now and should be subject to the “Tailoring Rule! BUNK!

Please write your personal message to tell EPA that you want biomass incinerator greenhouse gas emissions to be regulated! Here’s how:

1. ONE EASY STEP: Send a short email to saying something like “Emissions from biomass power plants should be covered by the tailoring rule. Burning biomass for electricity is not “carbon neutral.”

You can attach a document (say, a letter you wrote already, a report, etc.) No need to reinvent the wheel!

Include your name, address, and email and/or phone contact.
You can also send a letter by fax or snail mail – the addresses are at the end of this email.

2. More in depth comment letter. You can write something more specifically targeted one or more of the questions EPA is seeking information on. The questions are in the link:
EPA issued a correction to the questions on August 2, 2010. (Copied at bullet 5, below)

Here are some suggested talking points and resources:

** The federal Clean Air Act does not provide any legal basis for EPA to exempt biomass incinerator emission - the U.S. Supreme Court told EPA it must regulate greenhouse gases and biomass CO2 is no different!
**Fact sheets and important documents on biomass greenhouse gas and forest impacts are at:
** The Environmental Working Group report Clearcut Disaster: Carbon Loophole Threatens U.S. Forests says “Because wood and other biomass materials have a very low energy density, and because biomass power plants are significantly less efficient than gas or even coal plants, carbon dioxide emissions from biomass per unit of energy generated are about 1.5 times higher than from coal and three to four times higher than from natural gas.”
** Harvesting forests for electricity means those forests no longer serve as carbon “sinks” (sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere), which adds further to the impact of biomass on atmospheric CO2.
**An article in Science magazine by Searchinger et al. 2009 says: “However, harvesting existing forests for electricity adds net carbon to the air. That remains true even if limited harvest rates leave the carbon stocks of regrowing forests unchanged, because the stocks would otherwise increase and contribute to the terrestrial carbon sink.”
** Healthy plant growth depends upon healthy soils with adequate nutrients. Harvesting biomass not only results in CO2 emissions from soils as they are compacted and disturbed, but also depletes nutrients when plant material is removed and burned instead of being allowed to decompose and recycle and regenerate soils.
**The time scale for “re-sequestering” of carbon depends on how long forests take to regrow. When old growth forest is cut, it may take hundreds or thousands of years to regain it’s carbon stocks. Even fast rotation industrial monocultures require at least 15-30 years to regrow. This is time we cannot afford. Besides, when soils are compacted and disturbed by harvesting, they emit yet more CO2 and may no longer support regrowth. Synthetic fertilizers will be required, further contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. And there are yet more emissions from transportation. All of those would need to be resequestered to attain “carbon neutrality”.
**Pretending that it is carbon neutral and switching from fossil fuels to biomass will therefore greatly increase rather than decrease CO2 emissions over the coming decades and also reduce the capacity of carbon sinks.
**The distinction between “biological” and fossil carbon is no longer clear: So much carbon has already been taken from underground fossil stores and added to above ground “carbon pools” that ecosystems are saturated and unable to resequester or cycle it all, already. It is critically important that we cut down on fossil fuel emissions, but further compromising our stressed ecosystems by harvesting massive amounts of biomass and burning it will only make matters worse
** As long as EPA fails to regulate CO2 emissions from biogenic sources, we will continue to see biomass burning subsidized as the easiest and least expensive option for “renewable energy”, and especially so because it can be relied upon for consistent “baseload” electricity. An article published in Science points out that with the carbon neutral myth in place, combined with incentives to “reduce emissions”, we may see virtually all remaining native forests, grasslands, savannah and other ecosystems converted to industrial monocultures for energy crops. This is simply not acceptable. Biomass can no longer be subsidized under the false premise that it is “carbon neutral”.

Via the Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the online instructions for submitting comments.
By Email:
By Fax: (202) 566-1741.
By Snail Mail: EPA Docket Center, Attention Docket OAR-2010-0560, Mail code 2822T, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20460.
By Hand/Courier Delivery: EPA Docket Center, Public Reading Room, Room 3334, EPA West Building, Attention Docket OAR-2010-0560, 1301 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20004. Such deliveries are only accepted during the Docket's normal hours of operation, and special arrangements should be made for deliveries of boxed information.
4. EPA August 2, 2010 correction to call for information from 75 Federal Register 45112

In the published
document, the text of the first bulleted
item in Section I.D (beginning on page
41175, third column) was incorrect. The
correct text for that item is as follows:
• Biomass under PSD/BACT. What criteria
might be used to consider biomass fuels and
the emissions resulting from their
combustion differently with regard to
applicability under PSD and with regard to
the Best Available Control Technology
(BACT) review process under PSD?
In addition, the first full sentence of
the third bulleted item in Section I.D
(first column, page 41176) contained a
typographical error. The correct text for
that sentence is: ‘‘The Clean Air Act
(CAA) provisions typically apply at the
unit, process, or facility scale, whereas
the IPCC Guidance on accounting for
GHG emissions from bioenergy sources
was written to be applicable at the
national scale.’’
Margaret E. Sheehan
Attorney at Law
cell 508-259-9154

Reiki I in the Usui Tradition for complete information visit website at - Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Rev. Patricia C. Coleman, Bloomington, Indiana


Monday, Sept. 20, 2010 - Grief Workshop
- 10am to 5pm at Wild Grace Retreat, Nashville, Indiana - Express “that which cannot easily be shared” with the help of experienced guide, Carol Bridges, who will lead you through simple healing artforms to bring you back to feeling good. Whether your sadness comes from loss of health, home, a loved one, the fate of the Earth or any other situation (new or old), we will listen with loving kindness. This workshop is free to the first five registrants, $50 after that. Call 812-988-0873 to register.


September 23rd - The 2010 Simply Living Fair & Midwest Permaculture Convergence, at 7:30pm - September 23 - 26th, Bloomington, IN - a four-day celebration of simple and sustainable living that includes speakers, workshops, children's activities, hands-on demonstrations, tours, and green vendor booths! contact fair coordinator Maggie Sullivan at (812)-345-1592, - email:, phone: (812) 332-8796; web:


October 2, 2010 - "Council of All Beings” (COAB): 10:00am to 4:000pm - Gather with others to explore your life within the natural world through the voices of plants, animals and other natural elements.

Choose a part of nature and give it voice within our Council as we listen and learn about our natural community and the impact of human activity. We will acknowledge the crisis and pain as well as the wisdom and life force within all beings. Explore and deepen your natural connection through meditation, song, movement, maskmaking, and a focusing intention with clear ideas and wisdom for ways to reconnect with nature through this living ceremony.

Join Real Compost and Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts on October 2nd from 10am to 4pm at May Creek Farm in Bloomington, Indiana. Limited spaces. $45.00, Registration required. To reserve your place, email and mail your payment to – COAB Workshop, P.O. Box Bloomington, IN. Limited number of work scholarships available.

Sponsored by Real Compost, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Indiana Holistic Health Network, May Creek Farm, Quilter’s Comfort, Green Dove Network, Inc, Local Food Bloomington and Love Works

Questions call – Patricia at 812- 331-0886 or Dave at 812-824-6875


October 29, 2010

Five Women Poets

A reading of original poetry by "Five Women Poets"

Patricia C. Coleman
Deborah Pender Hutchison
Antonia Matthew
Leah Helen May
Carol Paiva
Anya Peterson Royce
Margaret Fisher Squires

Friday, October 29, 2010
7-9 p.m.

Rachael's Cafe
300 East 3rd Street, Bloomington, Indiana

free admission ~ food & beverages available for purchase


Blessings of health,


Monday, September 6, 2010

The Arts Alliance of Bloomington

The Arts Alliance of Bloomington group has been formed as a group for artists; "...a facilitating and communications agency that ideally will connect artists and groups of artists (or “guilds”) with one another and,through a steering committee and a smaller coordinating committee, flow that connection on to those entities, such as local government, IU, the Chamber of Commerce, Ivy Tech and others that may have resources or can otherwise help materially achieve whatever goals are identified."

Why do I post this to the Indiana Holistic Health Network Blog? I offer this information here because I believe that the arts are among the major ingredients to healthy people and communities. Lots of research data exist about the benefits arts offer in support of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I have also been a working artist for my entire adult life; and I personally know the valuable role arts have played within my own life, to the art viewing public and to the hundreds, maybe thousands of students, I have had the joy of sharing my artist skills with.

If you are an artist working the Bloomington, Indiana area and would like to connect with the AAB join the group here -

Blessings of health and art!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Upcoming Sanshinji Retreats -

Sanshinji, a part of the Indiana Holistic Health Network has a regular practice schedule and various retreats and teachings scheduled through out the year.

September Sesshin (September 1 - 6) at Sanshinji

During this sesshin we practice in complete silence. The sesshin is an opportunity for participants to focus strictly on zazen with minimal distractions. If you wish to participate, we recommend that you read Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama Roshi in order to understand the significance of the sesshin. We also recommend you have some retreat experience before participating in an Uchiyama Roshi-style sesshin.

Genzo-e at Dharma Field Zen Center (September 15 - 20)
Genzo-e at Dharma Field Zen Center will be Shobogenzo Bussho (Buddha Nature) Part 3.
Please contact Dharma Field ZC for more information and registration.

Walking Retreat in Hot Springs, NC (October 15 - 17)

Okumura Roshi has been annually leading a walking meditation retreat on the Appalachian Trail. Lodging at the historic Sunnybank Inn with organic vegetarian meals and evening soaks in the nearby geothermal warm mineral springs.

"My idea of a walking retreat is rather like a pilgrimage (junrei) in Japan. Even though there are no Buddhist temples to visit on the Appalachian Trail around Hot Springs, as Dogen wrote in his Mountain and Water Sutra, 'The mountains and rivers at this moment are the manifestation of the ancient buddhas.' We will 'just walk,' letting go of our thoughts, opening ourselves to being truly intimate with ourselves and nature." - Okumura Roshi

For more information visit or contact

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upcoming Health and Wellness Activities and Workshops

~Going Local Week
September 6th - 11th - Eat one Indiana local food at each meal. Support Local Food Bloomington, make a tax-deductible donation to support the Local Food Directory. Send your donation to Local Food Bloomington, P.O. Box 8172, Bloomington, IN.

Events list from Local First and Local Growers Guild found at

~September 1st from 7-9:30ish p.m., Buffalo Sisters Gift Circle!, please join us for an evening filled with sisterhood, inspiration, enchantment, and nourishment for your heart and spirit! Women are warmly welcome to come together in our home sweethome to share our hearts, be uplifted, experience compassionate support, cultivate a beautiful sense of community, multiply our own “gifts” as we share them, and receive the blessings of others. - 812-345-2169.

~September 4th, 2010: Janmasthami (Lord Krishna’s Birthday), 4pm – 7pm; With Rupa Sanatana Das, 1956 Bonnie Ct, Columbus IN 47203, Columbus, IN, (812)272-3024

September 8, 2010, Brazilian Renewable Energy Policy Conference

September 8th, Wednesday, Natural Arthritis Relief - 6:30pm-7:30pm - MHC Conference Room at 1010 S. Walnut St., Do you or does someone you love suffer from one or more of the over 100 rheumatic conditions? Join Bloomington Naturopath Scarlett Winters and learn how people use natural methods to manage pain and overcome the root causes of arthritis. This class is open to the public, with priority given to MHC patrons and volunteers. If there are additional spots 2 weeks before the class community members may sign up on a first come first serve basis. Donations suggested if possible. To register for this class contact Stephanie at or 355-6843.

~September 18th Reiki Level I Classes in the Usui System of Natural Healing Workshops, Rev. Patricia C. Coleman –, contact to register.


Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts for more information and fees, contact or visit website at (new class schedule update this week)
~October 30th - Reiki Level I
~November 13 - Free Veterans Class -
Contact for more information
~ Reiki Level II Classes in the Usui System of
Natural Healing Workshop
~October 24th
~Reiki Level I and Level II in the Usui System
of Natural Healing Workshop
October 16th & October 17th, 2010
~Reiki Level III ART in the Usui System of
Natural Healing Workshop
~Reiki Master Level III Teacher IN THE Usui System of Natural Healing Workshop - TBA
~ Reiki Drum Workshop, December 4th


~ Exploring Reiki Through a Chakra Rainbow
- from Root to Transpersonal next session
is February - September 2011

~October 2, 2010 - Council of All Beings - "When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir

COAB): Gather with others to explore your life within the natural world through the voices of plants, animals and other natural elements. We will explore and deepen our natural connection through meditation, song and movement with the intention to reconnect with nature through this living ceremony. Join us in this circle on October 2nd from 10am to 4pm, 2010 at May Creek Farm in Bloomington, Indiana. Limited spaces. Some work scholarships. Email Patricia at . Questions call Dave at 812-824-6875

Sponsored by Real Compost, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Indiana Holistic Health Network, May Creek Farm, Quilter’s Comfort, Green Dove Network, Inc, Local Food Bloomington and Love Works

~October 29, 2010 - 5 Women Poets Annual Reading, 7:00pm Rachael’s CafĂ©, Bloomington

FOOD EVENTS and PROGRAMS – Local Food Bloomington Blog –

Blessings of health and peace in your heart and through your actions,


* To list your events and workshops with a participation fee, please review Advertising for the Indiana Holistic Health Network's reasonable rates. The Indiana Holistic Health Network looks forward to helping you get the word out about your events.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Council of All Beings" Event

"Council of All Beings” (COAB): Gather with others to explore your life within the natural world through the voices of plants, animals and other natural elements.
Choose a part of nature and give it voice within our Council as we listen and learn about our natural community and the impact of human activity. We will acknowledge the crisis and pain as well as the wisdom and life force within all beings. Explore and deepen your natural connection through meditation, song, movement and a focusing intention with clear ideas and wisdom for ways to reconnect with nature through this living ceremony.

Join Real Compost and Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts on October 2nd from 10am to 4pm at May Creek Farm in Bloomington, Indiana. Limited spaces. Registration required. To reserve your place, email and mail your payment to – COAB Workshop, P.O. Box Bloomington, IN. Limited number of work scholarships available.

Sponsored by Real Compost, Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts, Indiana Holistic Health Network, May Creek Farm, Quilter’s Comfort, Green Dove Network, Inc, Local Food Bloomington and Love Works

Questions call – Patricia at 812- 331-0886 or Dave at 812-824-6875

Blessings of health,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rain and Pea Hen with Chicks!

May this note find you well on this wonderful wet three turkey morning! (thank you to the people who let me know that a female turkey is a hen, not a pea hen)

There are many wild turkeys living in southern Indiana; for years they have been scratching up my neighbors plantings, yet I had not seen any in my woods. This morning, a hen with two chicks meandered down my driveway! Perfect, tiny turkeys!

It was wonderful to awaken in the night to hear sounds of rain falling. It was as though I could feel the earth sigh in relief, and in that not awake place, I found myself saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, mahalo." I, along with many others have been observing tree leaves drooping, dogwood berries ripening, grasses yellowing from thirst, and signs of autumn arriving to early; now, we have a brief reprieve!

Off to a small group ministry workshop this morning, will return later with information about the Council of All Beings set for October 2nd!



Monday, August 9, 2010

More Cancer Centers and Doctors Encouraging the Use of Reiki

More Cancer Centers and Doctors Encouraging the Use of Reiki

By Jack Bleeker
April 2010

With groups like the Society of Integrative Oncology, a multi-disciplinary organization of professionals, touting the advantages of complementary cancer treatment and recovery, new methodologies, including Reiki are gaining in popularity. More and more cancer centers and oncologists are beginning to recognize the benefits that these treatments – once dismissed with a snicker by those “in-the-know” – are providing for those who just don’t know where to turn to address issues like the pain and stress associated with cancer and its conventional treatments.

Complementary therapies - not to be confused with “alternative” therapies, which are unproven treatments – have gradually made their way to the forefront of cancer care as well-known oncologists who are lauded experts in their field begin to promote these supportive treatments as a natural part of cancer care. Even the National Institutes of Health operates a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researching complementary therapies and then recommending proven ones for integration into cancer programs nationwide, including those associated with mesothelioma cancer.

Lately, the ancient form of spiritual healing known as Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) has earned plenty of attention as a potential complementary therapy for all kinds of cancer, including malignant mesothelioma. Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki was “rediscovered” in the early 20th century and became particularly popular in the late 1990s as Reiki Masters began to teach non-Buddhists that life energy flows through all persons, this technique strives to increase the life force energy of a sick individual, therefore helping him achieve better health and happiness.

Like many complementary therapies, Reiki takes a holistic approach – treating mind, body, and spirit – and is safe and natural. Many cancer patients who have tried it note an overall feeling of peace, relaxation, and well-being when the treatment is complete. Totally non-invasive, Reiki therapy involves the laying of hands on the fully-clothed patient by the Reiki practitioner. His/her hands travel through 12 different positions, staying in each place for about 5 minutes for a total of about an hour per treatment. The feeling of invigoration or tranquility results from the fact that Reiki causes the body's molecules to vibrate at a higher intensity, hence, dissolving energy blockages that lead to disharmony and disease, Reiki masters note. This assists in controlling pain, easing stress, or lessening side effects of traditional treatments like chemotherapy, including nausea and other debilitating problems for those battling their mesothelioma prognosis. It is also believed to improve immune function.

With continuous positive reactions from many cancer patients, cancer clinics such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center offer Reiki classes for cancer patients, including Sloan Kettering mesothelioma patients on a regular basis as well as in-service classes for their hospital staff. Other well-known hospitals to jump on the Reiki bandwagon include Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Columbia Presbyterian, the Yale Center, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The list continues to grow as patients use tools like the internet to advertise their positive reactions to this ancient healing art, enticing others to give it a try.

Visit Reiki Links for links to mesothelioma cancer, also known as asbestos cancer, patients are using Reiki as palliative relief during cancer treatment, and other links of interest.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (
Society for Integrative Oncology (,
The International Center for Reiki Training (
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (

Friday, July 30, 2010

Upcoming Classes and Events

May you be well. Thank you for reading the IHHN Blog!

The IHHN has been in counsel, and we will be changing the way we do some things. So check in every now and then to see what is going on!

~Upcoming Classes and Events~

Visit website at for complete list.

OPEN STUDIO WORKSHOPS - 2nd and 4th Mondays
~ August 9 - Celebration Drum -learn to make a fine sounding slender frame drum with a fiber head.

~Intuitive Reiki - August 19th - December 16th (9 sessions). Essential techniques to increase perception and for enhancing your practice 6:30 to 8:30 - " Class size limited
$410; register by August 5th and pay only $380
($30 savings). Book/materials fee.

~August 23 - Healing Spirit Doll Workshop - Stitch a visible prayer

~August 13th - Reiki Level I Class in Usui System of Natural Healing - Open to Reiki in the Level I workshop where you will be attuned to the gentle, powerful energy that will allow you to reduce pain and help support stress reduction. For details visit web site -

Katie Wolfe - Chipmunk Hill Art Studios and Gallery Offering private and semi-private lessons and classes for individuals, small groups families and kids-of-all-ages,homeschool classes -(over 20-years experience), workshops, demonstrations, commissions in painting, drawing, sculpture, clay and pottery. Reasonable terms and rates. Located on scenic Russell Road (near Serendipity Lane) in the east side fringeoff East 45 (10th st). The Chipmunks are still wearing their hardhats but we are Open and in the studiomost days and by appointment. 812-339-2026 or email at wolfel(at)att.netChipmunk Hill - Kate Wolfe. Sign up for Fall classes!


Thursday, August 5, 2010 in the Monroe County Public Library, Room 1C, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please plan to join us as we continue to move into healing and transformation. Each circle is unique and provides its own opportunity to rest, heal and grow.

Saturday, August 7, 2010, You are invited to attend the Bloomington Spiritual Life Center’s first Open House: 2:00 to 5:00 pm at 412 S. Walnut, Bloomington, IN 47401. We will have tours, mini-sessions, information, discussions, and refreshments. Please drop by for a brief or lengthy stay! If any of you are interested in helping prepare for the event, or would like to drop by before the open house, please feel free to contact me by email or cell phone (812-219-6734). The BSLC phone lines should be installed within the next week, giving us a land line, fax line, and wireless for the BSLC (so you can bring your laptop and hang out!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Response to Healing CRANE - Ten Ways to Prepare...

Health to you through these hot, muggy, and beautiful days in Southern Indiana! Our local Farmers Markets are thriving. Our sister site, Local Food Bloomington has recently published Local Food News and finally begun posting images taken over a few years from visits to the Bloomington Saturday market. Click here to check out the Farmers Market Photo Gallery.

Thank you for your responses. I am always interested in any response to what is included in the Healing CRANE Newsletter. I also appreciate learning when links are not working! The last issue touched a few of you readers, creating a couple of different responses. Based on what is received, I am sure there are other thoughts that readers just don't have time to make to let us hear. We had one individual who did not like some of the information; while a few others asked that we keep the articles coming with references to health and medicine in response to "Medicine After Oil" by Daniel Bednarz, published to Orion Magazine July/August 2007; and other topics concerning societal transitions. Most readers understand that all aspects of our health and wellness are connected to the health of all systems supporting our day to day existence, and yes, that includes petroleum products. Following is the opening to the article by Bednarz. You can read the rest in the newsletter.

"The scale and subtlety of our country’s dependency on oil and natural gas cannot be overstated. Nowhere is this truer than in our medical system.

Petrochemicals are used to manufacture analgesics, antihistamines, antibiotics, antibacterials, rectal suppositories, cough syrups, lubricants, creams, ointments, salves, and many gels. Processed plastics made with oil are used in heart valves and other esoteric medical equipment. Petrochemicals are used in radiological dyes and films, intravenous tubing, syringes, and oxygen masks. In all but rare instances, fossil fuels heat and cool buildings and supply electricity. Ambulances and helicopter “life flights” depend on petroleum, as do personnel who travel to and from medical workplaces in motor vehicles."


A few readers were put off by the language used by James Howard Kunstler in "Ten Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society" (Alternet).

Following is an exert from another of his articles, "Making Other Arrangements - A wake-up call to a citizenry in the shadow of oil scarcity" published January/February 2007 in Orion magazine.

"AS THE AMERICAN PUBLIC CONTINUES sleepwalking into a future of energy scarcity, climate change, and geopolitical turmoil, we have also continued dreaming. Our collective dream is one of those super-vivid ones people have just before awakening. It is a particularly American dream on a particularly American theme: how to keep all the cars running by some other means than gasoline. We’ll run them on ethanol! We’ll run them on biodiesel, on synthesized coal liquids, on hydrogen, on methane gas, on electricity, on used French-fry oil . . . !

The dream goes around in fevered circles as each gasoline replacement is examined and found to be inadequate. But the wish to keep the cars going is so powerful that round and round the dream goes. Ethanol! Biodiesel! Coal liquids . . .

View (and join in) the lively discussion that followed online publication of this article.

We are in a time of global transformation and uncertainty. We know that resources are disappearing, and we know inside that we will have to make some changes. With imminent changes before us, it seems that close examination of health and wellness practices and systems; how we want to transition resources and services utilizing realistic plans is a great idea.

May we find common ground to travel upon, and meet many supportive people along the way.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Healing CRANE Newsletter Note - June 2010

Yesterday, I posted a new Healing CRANE Newsletter. Following are a few of the headlines from this issue.
in this issue of the CRANE:
• Medicine After Oil
• CAM in Health Care
• Ten Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society
• Dirty Truth Behind Coal
• Book Review – You Can Attract It
• Autism Resources Directory
• Truth About Vitamins and Supplements
• Reiki Peace and Wellness Arts Workshops
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

AARP Health Care Video

May this note find you well.

A friend forwarded this note from the AARP regarding health care. It gets a YAY from those who have seen it! What do you have to say about this, and health care for all? I definitely believe that our nation’s resources would be better served by using the bulk of funds currently wasted through the expansion of fear destruction and terror for health, reconstruction and education. Then we may begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
Dear Readers,
For the last two years, we've gotten the same old song and dance from Wall Street, big banks, and other financial institutions.
Well, we say enough's enough – so today we're releasing a funny and hard-hitting new ad that will help us garner the outrage we need to defeat Wall Street and pass the financial reforms we need. But we need your help to get it seen!

Click here to watch the video and then share it with friends!

Here’s why it's so critical that we get this video seen:
America’s seniors are hurting right now – they've lost retirement savings, homes, jobs and more. And they urgently need the Senate to pass the financial reforms that will protect them. These reforms would rein in banks’ reckless behavior and crack down on the abusive and deceptive practices used by mortgage lenders and credit card companies.

Not surprisingly, the usual suspects on Wall Street have hired an army of lobbyists to storm Capitol Hill and cripple efforts at reform. They want to keep the ridiculous loopholes, the undeserved bonuses, and the lack of honest oversight that many financial predators still enjoy.

It's up to us to fight back.

Watch our new ad and share it with your friends!
Thank you for standing strong against Wall Street’s excesses. With the help of people like you, I know we can secure the reforms that America’s seniors urgently need.
Barry Jackson
Senior Manager, Grassroots

Monday, April 19, 2010

Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC 5th Graders!

Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC

For more than fifty years, Monroe County fifth graders have been spending time in the woods, enjoying nature and learning about ecosystems and the need to conserve resources. This year, the school corporation has eliminated all funding for future trips to Bradford Woods. A grassroots action organization,"Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC," has formed to raise funds to reinstate Bradford Woods outdoor education program in the Monroe County schools budget for the coming year. The need is urgent and immediate: $40,000 must be raised by May 15th to enable Monroe County fifth-graders to attend Bradford Woods in 2010--2011.

Concerned citizens can donate online directly to the MCCS Foundation via their website ( To ensure that online donations are targeted to support the Bradford Woods campaign, donors must a) select "Designated Gift" in the "Purpose of Gift" pull down menu, AND b) type "Bradford Woods" in the "Related Gift Information" field.

Additionally, starting Monday, April 19, all Bloomingfoods cash registers will be equipped with the means to enable customers to donate funds to the MCCSC Foundation earmarked specifically for Bradford Woods.

“Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC” encourages all concerned citizens to join this effort to ensure that local schoolchildren continue to benefit from the experience of outdoor education. In this time of crises in the environment and in children’s health, outdoor education has never been more important. The time to act is now! Join with us to save Bradford Woods for MCCSC!

For more information or to get involved check us out on Facebook (Save Bradford Woods for MCCSC) or visit the Support Public Education in Monroe County booth at the Farmer’s Market.

Friday, April 16, 2010


What beautiful weather here in Bloomington! For many this beauty helps to revive our spirits, and reminds us that we exist within cycles that allow us to go within ourselves, then reopen somewhat like the perennial plants, into a renewed and slightly transformed world.

As the 40th Earth Day approaches, the Indiana Holistic Health Network Calendar - offers a variety of opportunities that include a variety of benefits, concerts, the Great Unleashing in Bloomington, tree plantings, farmer market celebration, and more.

Non-profits everywhere are dealing with much less than in previous years and this in a time of increasing need for services. That goes for Green Dove and its projects the Indiana Holistic Health Network and Local Food; as well as the collaborative projects of the Reiki Wellness Project for Vets and persons with PTSD. To say that things are tight would be an overstatement. We will just have to see how things evolve and do our best to make decisions that honor the work and those who do the work. To that end, we appeal for donations. We want to continue offering these resources in support of our collective wellness.

May we all be well. Thank you.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Calendar Updates

Here are a few
Calendar updates that include Free events, wellness clinics, and a grand opening! - for complete calendar information click

"Bodies In Motion" workshop by David Kirshbaum

Divine Warrior Training Circle, Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 6-8 pm in Room 2B of the Monroe County Library

Divine Warrior Training Circle, Thursday, May 6, 2010, 6-8 pm in Room 2B of the Monroe County Library

Free - Reiki Clinic for Vets, Every third Friday - 2:00pm to 6:00pm

That's the Rub Massage therapy Center Grand Opening Party!


Edy's Ice Cream is giving away a free orchard, and in Bloomington the necessary space has already been donated, and the fresh fruit from the orchard would go to a local food bank!

You can help make this happen.

All you need to do is vote electronically: Go to Edy's website at - click 'list by state',
find Indiana in the list, click on Bloomington, enter your name and
email address and click on "Plant my Vote".

The city that gets the most votes, gets the orchard. Btown is in a
neck-and-neck race with one other place! Please vote for Bloomington
today and every day through the end of August, using the e-mail addresses in your household.

Thanks! and Pass it on...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Great Unleashing - Transition Town Workshop!

May this find you each well in this great time of many transformations. A newsletter is on the way! Transition Town Bloomington (information about transition towns and ecovillages in the last HEALING CRANE Newsletter) is preparing the Great Unleashing! Check out the group, consider joining. Blessings to all.

The Great Unleashing - Transition Town Bloomington, Indiana -Workshop, April 24th -- 9:30am to 5:30pm Saturday - Building Community Resilience and Self-Reliance for Transition at Bloomington City Hall - Showers Building, a day of celebration, education, and action. This day will be followed by working groups addressing the details of our future. Transition Bloomington is working to unite the people of Bloomington to create a more resilient community, able to deal with the challenges of peak oil, climate change, and economic collapse. We expect that this process will also create a more connected and joyful community.