Monday, October 12, 2009

Say NO to Abstinence -only funding in Health Care Bill!

Just Say NO to abstinence-only funding in the Health Care Bill!

Sadly, the Senate Finance Committee voted (by a razor-thin margin of 12-11) to authorize $50 million in funding for abstinence-only programs as part of Health Care Reform- despite over 10 years of evidence that these programs do not work.

We need to let Senators know that we will not stand for this! Conservative ideology has trumped science and effective health policy for far too long. We shouldn't spend even a single more taxpayer dollar on programs that spread fear, give misinformation, and stigmatize young women and BGLT people.

President Obama has called for an end to abstinence-only funding. Democrats in the House and Senate have held firm through budget negotiations. We are SO close to finally victory!

Please take action now to eliminate these dangerous programs!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Healing CRANE Newsletter

Hope this finds you well and enjoying autumn.

After so many months the Healing CRANE Newsletter for the Indiana Holistic Health Network is up and the comments have been good. We are working on getting the publication out more frequently. This is a list of some of what you will find in the CRANE Newsletter. We are getting more submissions from outside of our network area; now what to do to get submissions from those near by?

4th Annual "Simply Healthy: Creating Sustainable Communities"
Transition Town Bloomington, IN
Transition Economies
The City That Ended Hunger by Francis Moore Lappé
4 Ways to Reduce E-Waste
Goodbye GM by Michael Moore
New Wings Project at Middle Way
Calendar Briefs
Health News
Ecovillages - New Page!*
A Few Paper Facts
Book Review - "A Pilgrim In Your Body"
Energy Healing and Spiritual Process
by Jim Gilkeson
Ancient Chants by Alex Chornyj - poem
Practitioner Spotlight - Practitioner
Non-Profit Spotlight - CJAM - Community Justice and Mediation
Ban on Plastic Bags Growing Around the World!