Monday, March 14, 2011

Indiana Seeks to Amend Constitution to Ban Gay Marriage and Attack on Women's Reproductive Health

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I am more interested in people loving people in healthy relationships whether they be men and women, man and man or woman and woman and putting our collective resources into practices and legislation that will support the health and well being of all of our citizens. The reality is that families come in a variety of forms and in the interest of healthy families which makes for healthy communities, all families need to b equally respected. If any marriage is threatened, then the couple within that marriage needs to look within their own marriage for the root of their problems,not outside at others relationships. PCC

Today "The Goshen News" - March 14, 2011

Critics of amendment banning gay marriage to rally

Anonymous Associated Press Mon Mar 14, 2011, 09:54 AM EDT

INDIANAPOLIS — Opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions plan to rally at the Indiana Statehouse.

The "Equality for All Hoosiers" rally Monday comes two days before a Senate committee meeting that will take up the issue. The Republican-controlled House already has approved the proposal, and the Republican-led Senate also is expected to pass it.

Supporters of the amendment say it would provide an additional layer of protection for traditional marriage in case courts later overturn Indiana's current law banning same-sex marriage. Critics say the amendment is unnecessary and would write discrimination into Indiana's constitution.

If the General Assembly approves the proposal this year, it would have to pass again in 2013 or 2014 to be on the ballot in 2014.


Womens health is under attack in Indiana and House Bill 1210 is one example of legislation that I think undermines the health and well being of women. If this bill becomes law, it would actually require doctors to lie to pregnant women and tell them that getting an abortion increases their risk of breast cancer -- even though science says is doesn't »

This bill bans abortion after 20 weeks. It would force a woman to have an ultrasound unless she submits a written refusal. Plus, it defunds groups like Planned Parenthood a much needed community resource supporting women’s and girl’s health as the numbers of those slipping into poverty rise. Further language of this bill would scare some women into believing the lie that terminating a pregnancy means they could get breast cancer. The whole abortion/breast cancer theory is controversial and the studies that made the connection are widely considered flawed.
It is unfortunate that politicians are inserting their personal ideologies between the welfare of women and the truthful support of her health practitioner. In a time when we need all of our citizens to be healthy, I think it a grave error for Indiana or any lawmakers to mandate the spread of misinformation and fear tactics that would have the result of miss-educating and reducing the quality of health care to women.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you will take the time to read further and educate your self and tell your lawmakers to oppose House Bill 1210 and other attack on women's health »

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