Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Federal judge rules Indiana’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional

  A few minutes ago, a friend called asking if I had heard of the ruling regarding same sex persons.  I had not. 

She told how some hours ago a federal judge ruled it unconstitutional to deny any persons marriage status!

I have been shedding tears ever since.  Why?  For joy, because I have been waiting for more people (and the government to acknowledge that all people deserve rights under our constitution.  I am pleased that Indiana is finally there. 

I am pleased that LOVE wins.  We so need love.  It is so important to allow love and thankfully, our government can stand on the side of love and I hope that all people will stand there as well. 

Why?  Because there are people I LOVE who have been denied their due rights and now, they have legal backing (which I think belonged there all along).  In this nation that runs around the planet seeking to protect rights.  It is good, very good to see them protecting the hearts and the rights of the people here in the US!

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