Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring! - HEALING Crane Newsletter

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Well, Spring is really hear!  Every morning I wake to the sounds of birds beginning their morning routines in the still dark time.  A few nights ago, I heard my first whipper wheal of the year.  Ponds are full from recent rains and frog eggs are floating everywhere!  Flowers cover or fall from nearly every tree I see.  Farmer's Markets are up and running and people are out walking about.

New opportunities abound,and I must constantly choose to pause and consider my work.  Due to so many wonderful opportunities there are delays on updating the website.  I continue to receive offers to purchase, and have decided, when the offer is reasonable, chances are, it will be accepted. 

Issue 2, Volume #4 of HEALING Crane, Newsletter for the Indiana Holistic Health Network was posted on line in April.  Click here to read.  

 Blessings of Health to All,

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