Thursday, December 3, 2009

Directory Updates

Each time I come here, I hope I will return not too far in the future. After months are pulling in to focus on "Simply Healthy" it has now come and gone and things are returning to what is considered norm for the IHHN at this time of year.

What a time it has been. Simply Healthy Fair has come and gone. Each and every person participating contributed in such a way to bring it all together. As always, I am amazed and honored at the generosity of people in my community and the abundance of talents. If you didn't get to be involved and haven't checked out the activities, go to the website and if you are a program organizer, think of the presenters listed in the IHHN directory!

These pages listed below have been updated to reflect participants in this years Simply Healthy Fair, and to include directory submissions that had been waiting to be listed. Take time to check that your submission information is correct.

Speakers, Community Making, Green Shopping, Flower Essences, Naturopath, Publications, Reiki, Weight Management, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Holistic Councilors, Educational Resources, Index Directory, Yoga, Cleansing, Herbalist, Retreats, Permaculture, Garden Resources, Wellness Centers, Massage, Natural Childbirth, Childbirth, Doulas, Psychology, Conflict Resolution, Holistic Consultants, Alternative Herbal, Herbal Resources, Healing Touch, Spiritual Healers, Personal Growth, Intuitive Counselors, Cooking